The end is the beginning

How do you define your boundaries and your limits of freedom, considering that even the most liberating ideologies have constraints?

Human beings are defined by the structures they are surrounded with; their thoughts, bodies, culture and well, the earth, since beyond the atmosphere is no place for a human to survive, yet.

What is more, the limit of your freedom ends when not only the physical boundaries of another person begins but also, more astonishingly, when the psychological boundaries of another begins.
I find this surprising because human psychology is more solid than matter, more tough than the human body and indistinguishable by those who do not know how to see what they look at.

Only "I" can tell you where you should stop! The limits of your freedom end when the boundaries of another begins. Know them well! 


A Moment of Darkness

Most probably you have seen many movies in which people completely loose control and turn into psychopaths. While watching the movie, you felt shocked and stress hormones rushed through your body. But, because the experiencer was not you, your prefrontal cortex, that is the reasoning part of your brain, was activated and you judged the event as being catastrophic. You did not want to imagine yourself in a psychopath's shoes because empathy means activating what's inside his mind, inside yours.

Here is a question just for you: Did you ever find yourself in a situation that you would never imagine yourself being in? In fact, life is all about moments like those. Why? Because if you predict everything that is going to happen in your life, there is no room for transformation and change.
Do not mistake these two words as intangible entities, they are very real if you choose to experience your emotions in a broader spectrum.

Here's the thing, if your decision is to experience life in the fullest sense, you are going to have to experience moments of darkness, and lots of it. But it is no big deal. Think about how refreshing it feels afterwards. You are not the same person anymore. With this perspective no one around you is the same. It is like entering into a different dimension.