Just Do It, Still The Perfect Slogan!

How do you look at a statue, from below, above?
Why and when people started to make them, what do they represent?
Immortality, God? Something superior of course.
But what is statue anxiety, and who is your boss really?
I'm sure that most of the times, in your head, you've had the misunderstanding of a person,
rather than who she or he really is, instead you have the image that has been given to you. And again, you don't look at them long enough to take out their mask. I came to understand that when people treat you in a way, when it's the only way they could feel superior of you is when they aren't. Next time, look into their eyes a little bit longer, to see what's going on. They are worried that you are going to see right through them. They have certain body movements, anxious, sudden movements. You will see, very easy to identify. When you do, you know inside that you are very safe where ever you go, that you are the one who doesn't need a box to hide, the only boundaries you have are your own decisions for exploring and they are very wide.