In Your Life, Choose.

Know It All

Mr.Nobody does not make a choice. He is nine years old and he is one hundred eighteen years old.
While his parents decide to get separated, he, as a child, is left to make a choice between father
and mother. While two stories are being written, there is only one choice that wants to be seen,
wants o be chosen; it is love, Anna. But every possible choice is being made at the same time.
It shows infinity. Everything floats. Mr.Nobody and the choices can not exist without matching each other.
So, without making a choice we are not truly alive. We appear to be, by the illusion of our mind, thus our eyes. But actually we are nucleotides which can not create a DNA together, yet.
It's like an egg that can be fertile and a sperm that's productive. Without sex there is no unity.
Make a choice, and the right one. Calculate every possibility, your mind is created for this.
Be someone who knows it all.