In Your Life, Choose.

Know It All

Mr.Nobody does not make a choice. He is nine years old and he is one hundred eighteen years old.
While his parents decide to get separated, he, as a child, is left to make a choice between father
and mother. While two stories are being written, there is only one choice that wants to be seen,
wants o be chosen; it is love, Anna. But every possible choice is being made at the same time.
It shows infinity. Everything floats. Mr.Nobody and the choices can not exist without matching each other.
So, without making a choice we are not truly alive. We appear to be, by the illusion of our mind, thus our eyes. But actually we are nucleotides which can not create a DNA together, yet.
It's like an egg that can be fertile and a sperm that's productive. Without sex there is no unity.
Make a choice, and the right one. Calculate every possibility, your mind is created for this.
Be someone who knows it all.



Just Do It, Still The Perfect Slogan!

How do you look at a statue, from below, above?
Why and when people started to make them, what do they represent?
Immortality, God? Something superior of course.
But what is statue anxiety, and who is your boss really?
I'm sure that most of the times, in your head, you've had the misunderstanding of a person,
rather than who she or he really is, instead you have the image that has been given to you. And again, you don't look at them long enough to take out their mask. I came to understand that when people treat you in a way, when it's the only way they could feel superior of you is when they aren't. Next time, look into their eyes a little bit longer, to see what's going on. They are worried that you are going to see right through them. They have certain body movements, anxious, sudden movements. You will see, very easy to identify. When you do, you know inside that you are very safe where ever you go, that you are the one who doesn't need a box to hide, the only boundaries you have are your own decisions for exploring and they are very wide.


To Hope, Nope.


One saying I love the most, feels very depressing -another word we've put, not to go any deeper with our inquiries, means stop right there, I can't dig any deeper in my life - but very real;
In reality, hope is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs man's torments.
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Desire on the other hand, my desire for wanting to explore
life more real, is endless. How can you expand your world and hope and wait for something to happen at the same time? There is no pause in life, we humans have become automatic in life because of our habits; our body movements, our daily routines and hope is a disease in them. What do you do when you have the feeling of hope inside yourself? You wait for something to happen. But nothing ever happens magically if you don't do anything, about anything. Universe keeps expanding, but it isn't something outside of you, it isn't apart from your body, it is in fact, you. Use it by choosing
the way you want to go. Experience variety of emotions, positive thinking is very limited. The world that you live in shouldn't be
your dreamland, all you would be getting is disappointment.


Slugs And Snails

What Survives?

Love is only beautiful when you live it truthfully and honestly. How do you experience yours?
Loyalty, I find very respectful. It means that you have chosen someone, not by luck, by decision and you had the courage to see yourself through their eyes.
No matter what happens you stand beside. How many could your heart and soul pick?

Apparently to slugs and snails love is a dart game, actually it is sex but just to give the interesting information; the arrow of Eros isn't his to give, so don't blame him. It's the hermaphrodite Snail's. It has a dart that shoots while the mating process happens. (The Valentine's Day symbol; heart and the shooting arrow has been gently stolen from them) And its not for making the partner to fall in love all over, it is for being more productive.
So get busy, since global warming and mother nature's been pissed off at us we need a stronger generation, you know, for the stronger ones to survive.

P.s: These little creatures are the size of your little toe.


Our Second Brains

Seven Billion Live On This Planet Yet We Are Still Capable Of Felling Lonely

What we all ,thinkers, philosophers, curious investors of a deeper understanding of life, always talk about, scientists prove for us. Philosophy needs knowledge, and the other way around.
Familiar to some of us, but could not name it just more than ten years earlier: our second brain. It is located in the abdomen region and covered with hundred million nerve cells. It carries through ninety percent of the nerve cells from the gut to the brain and believed to the contrary, it is the main control area. An average persons digestive system carries thirty tons of food and fifty thousand liters of liquid. This multitude of neurons in the enteric nervous system enables us to feel the inner world of our gut. It's the most intense and sensitive organ in our bodies. Babies eat, drink and digest and it is the first connection they make with the outer world.

Babies have the right to burb but what about us? Why do we eat and drink so much that we can not digest? Evidently our bodies need more free space to create energy to help process the feeling part to send the signals and let it decide, but we decide without letting ourselves feel because we fill it instead. We are in complete accordance with ourselves if we let life rule and remind you that nothing is to be scared of, only to wake you up and shake you.

From the gut comes the strut, and where hunger reigns, strength abstains.
Francois Rebelais




To every strong living creature who sometimes has doubts about themselves, about their thoughts, intuition, capabilities, their own spirits. The original spirit always had hard time finding a place not in this world but in this society (perfectly knows where it fits in nature or naturally), because he always knew he did not belong there. He did not belong to where he was put, he belonged to where he wanted to be; where he wants to go.
In tough times, that's when he starts to have doubts about himself and that's exactly the time to be reborn, not the time for having second thoughts.
Imagine when you were first having such pain, before realization, you didn't know where your intuition would take you. If you knew, you wouldn't resist that much, you would let life make you stronger with all the unbearable pain and loneliness, to help you see that you aren't actually lonely. Life wants to take you somewhere, go with it. There is no such thing as unhappiness or sorrow, it only occurs when you are detached from your spirit. So when you think you aren't walking with it, go back and own it, it's yours!
Just as you think you have forgotten it, you might have actually internalized it.

Medulla: Latin word for marrow, meaning the core. Used in medical language for many parts in organs. In brain; controls respiration, important for maintaining an open airway and controlling heart rate is located there.

The emptiness inside us needs knowledge, doesn't it?
When we know that, to learn Love, takes knowledge too.

Upcoming: "The Second Brain".


Should it be enough?

Love, Work or Your Choice of Whatever

I've been thinking how existence fulfills our needs and how it doesn't fulfill certain expectations.
My boss told the motto of his working yesterday: "Never get satisfied, don't settle for anything less than you would like, always ask for more." That is exactly what I love about myself and it is the reason why I particularly wanted to work with him, from the beginning.
Wanting for more isn't always greed, some people actually like progress and challenge. I always write about challenge but how good am I really? This is another question I ask myself everyday. How well did I do for myself today, did I run from any responsibility or was it a day of real hard work, both mentally, physically and emotionally. If the answer is yes than I'm very satisfied for the day. Now, should that one day be enough for certain amount of time? No! Because every step you don't take forward, is a step you take backwards.
About the certain expectations; they are only fulfilled only if you fulfill your own needs, your priorities.

This is a part of a parsley, can you believe it?
I found it on a Sunday breakfast while casually tearing it.


What are you searching for, what do you find?

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
Colin Powell


Add To London

Black and White: Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong. Ayn Rand



From My Time

While you're trying to make a perfection of something, "perfect" things in their time can be forgotten, makes me want to ask, what is considered as time?
If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away. What about images, since the technology is changing and developing constantly, how do we not evaluate them in their own time and what kind of "time" is that? When we look at a photograph that was taken twenty years ago, we can judge it by the technique of analogue film cameras and the printing techniques which takes reasonable "time" in photoshop now. But maybe our perception goes to another level, we judge it by the feeling it gives us. How can a feeling be defined by time? If you don't remember a feeling, it means it dissolved, it doesn't mean anything to you anymore. Anything that you define by time would not give you real satisfaction. Eating fast due to your lunch hours, your meeting with a friend in a definite time cause you need to go somewhere else, a definite time of world traveling. And anything you do with love takes indefinite time, that is real, that would spread and cover the entire universe, which is yours, definitely!

Taken in East London, 19 March 2010, 12:00 am at S&M.



If it is overused, why do we keep repeating it?
Why do we cover it with a new image and renew, rename it, that way the idea is the same but the image is not. This is worse, at least a cliche claims to be honest. When we learn to use anything in the best way, it does not matter what it is, it's perfection. Sometimes even cliches can be things we need to open our minds to. There could be a day, probably too soon, that everything is said and done but the originality is in the way we do it. We keep repeating the same mistakes until we learn them. Does it matter that you learned before me or that I have learned before you, or faster, or slower? Each one of us have our own pace and if that includes being cliche so be it. Perfection surrounds whatever is already happening in life. We all crave for it and we need to fight for it.

How far would you have to go to get to the exact center of the Earth?

It is approximately 6371km to the Inner core (center of the Earth). For those who are not metrically inclined, that is about 3959 miles to the center.

Your pace.



What's actually fun about photography that I lately discovered is: the camera being a spy gadget without hiding.
The manners are different of course. But why do I like to spy?
First of all it remains a certain mystery. And when I walk around with my camera people
cooperate with me. Like the waiter who stood and waited for me to take the second photograph for five minutes. And he was really patient. Secondly when I am interested in a subject I make people around me feel comfortable. I don't usually talk or say something, just a comforting smile, or a look in the eye is enough.
And my last but not least discovery is the new neurons that help us experience other peoples' experiences thus make them our own! Yes. that's right. Our capacities of evolving are getting faster. Remember how you feel when you see someone eating a rat --not a regular Turkish meal-- and you see the awful look in their eyes. It is the time now that you taste it without actually eating it. For further scientifical explanations please visit:

So spying could help you discover something new if your interpreter is clever.


Limits That Rule Our Life

Last night I watched a documentary about dolphin hunting in Japan. The main guy in the film was a former dolphin trainer. He worked in Flipper for ten years and he wasn't aware that he was holding another creature captive. He just cared about how much money he made and what assets he had. 35 years after that, now, the is the most passionate Dolphin rescuer. While I was watching the movie, the one thing that I analyzed about this man was the sadness of the years that he couldn't take back. And that will never go away. Once you develop a certain survival way through life and you get comfortable in it, you keep on going in spite of all the alerts that come to you. And years after that, when it becomes unbearable, you have no choice but to go back. It's the exact story of the airplanes that can't go back after crossing the middle of the ocean, because fuel isn't enough, you can only go forward. Now I should ask myself, and you of course, who would want to become that way?

Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.
Albert Einstein


Does Not Matter If You Are Not In The Zoo, You Can Still Be In A Cage

I went to the zoo several times.
I could imagine how the animals would look like, i went there to investigate how. Now, lions looked like birds and birds looked like depressed people whom were talking to themselves. Not that everyone who talk to themselves are depressed, but I saw that they developed a way to learn human behaviour. Whatever the creature is, we tend to develop certain behaviours from those whom we mostly spend time with. I guess one plus one equals to two rule doesn't count in philosophy. Weak nurtures from weak and strong nurtures from strong but not necessarily they add up together.
Behaviour can be very complicated, it is very important that we spend time with creatures that will add up to us, whom will make the best of "I". It doesn't matter what others do, judging them, telling yourself what they did or didn't do won't take you any further. Only doing what you do best will, wholeheartedly and most importantly with pleasure!


How Life Revolves Around

When you are too small and everyone is so big and interesting, it is understandable to be that much depending on your gods, (mom and dad) fine, but what happens when you are the parent?
You are God and you behave as curious as a baby towards your baby. It is never understandable for someone who doesn't have kids, and less understandable even for a father maybe, cause they don't carry them. Much pain, much pleasure for the mothers. What I'm curious about this time is the life's circle. Something you are real deeply interested in, feels the same way about you. That should be one of the universal laws. When you are meant to live something, you live it.
There is never something that you "should" do, all you have to be is natural.



It is understandable why life revolves around their parents when we think about enormity. Imagine that you are 70cm tall and all you do is eat and breathe and watch, mostly people around you. It is most possible that either your mother or your father has already been chosen God. You don't need a religion to pick, milk is blessed, you can whine all you want, nobody can be too mad at you because you are too adorable. And cartoons: they were a big part of my childhood life, I used to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning, and on the weekends! A toy can not be more focusing, it may have forced me to pick The Jetsons religion rather than my father.