Slugs And Snails

What Survives?

Love is only beautiful when you live it truthfully and honestly. How do you experience yours?
Loyalty, I find very respectful. It means that you have chosen someone, not by luck, by decision and you had the courage to see yourself through their eyes.
No matter what happens you stand beside. How many could your heart and soul pick?

Apparently to slugs and snails love is a dart game, actually it is sex but just to give the interesting information; the arrow of Eros isn't his to give, so don't blame him. It's the hermaphrodite Snail's. It has a dart that shoots while the mating process happens. (The Valentine's Day symbol; heart and the shooting arrow has been gently stolen from them) And its not for making the partner to fall in love all over, it is for being more productive.
So get busy, since global warming and mother nature's been pissed off at us we need a stronger generation, you know, for the stronger ones to survive.

P.s: These little creatures are the size of your little toe.