I was trying to start a new writing for a really long time, one year actually.
I didn't know where to start.
Now I know.

It was almost two years ago. I had arranged to meet at my cousins house for dinner that night. They had prepared a nice meal for me. I had just started to work crazy hours at a production company in the post-production department. That afternoon, we were waiting for an approval about an advert from an advertising company as usual. I told my boss that I arranged to meet with my cousin and that I had been working until 1am for two nights in a row. I thought: ''It should not be a problem, how longer was he planning to keep me there?'' Turned out much more! I had weeks when I did not have any day off, nights that I did not return home. That night I went to my cousins despite of the threat of my boss. Through thirty minutes of ride I cried shouting: ''I can't stand this.'' It wasn't a cry of sadness, I was feeling desperate, trying to find a way out.

My cousin said something to me that night that I have been thinking about since then: ''Try to look at this job as a game.'' I didn't understand the concept of playing games in any manner. I did not play computer games, I did not go out much to have fun (I really had no time) and I looked at everything very seriously cause I thought it had to be that way.

Now there is a long story where I struggled really hard to change that scene in my life.
The scene where I go to a work that I simply don't belong to.
That way was painful. Someone who have been or who is there knows it well.
And there is no game in that scene because the player is not you.   
Now I am the player and I am having fun, I am happy.
It does not mean that I am not challenged, I am highly challenged in many ways that make me better, make me feel much more fulfilled.
So now I understand what playing games mean!
And my playground is anywhere that I am.




Can we re-design ourselves? Can we build a new life, re-gain our intelligence to the needs of our soul? But what is the soul, how can you describe it? If we only had our logic but no feelings surely our experience would widen but it also would make us a machine. Would you feel "happy", "disgusted", "miserable", "content"? The problem is, even though we have these emotions, we are still ruled as a machine if we don't know how to use the base of our intelligence. According to the Multiple Intelligences Theory we have seven different types of intelligences: Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic, Spatial, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences. The main idea is that every human has combinations of different types, some of them being fairly dominant but if one does not have Interpersonal Intelligence, no matter how profound talents they may have, they are eventually ruled.  

Why don't people have it?
Does your life get easier?
Do you like not knowing?
No curiosity, no critical thinking?

If you let the "flow" take you wherever, you may as well go with it.