What's actually fun about photography that I lately discovered is: the camera being a spy gadget without hiding.
The manners are different of course. But why do I like to spy?
First of all it remains a certain mystery. And when I walk around with my camera people
cooperate with me. Like the waiter who stood and waited for me to take the second photograph for five minutes. And he was really patient. Secondly when I am interested in a subject I make people around me feel comfortable. I don't usually talk or say something, just a comforting smile, or a look in the eye is enough.
And my last but not least discovery is the new neurons that help us experience other peoples' experiences thus make them our own! Yes. that's right. Our capacities of evolving are getting faster. Remember how you feel when you see someone eating a rat --not a regular Turkish meal-- and you see the awful look in their eyes. It is the time now that you taste it without actually eating it. For further scientifical explanations please visit:

So spying could help you discover something new if your interpreter is clever.


Limits That Rule Our Life

Last night I watched a documentary about dolphin hunting in Japan. The main guy in the film was a former dolphin trainer. He worked in Flipper for ten years and he wasn't aware that he was holding another creature captive. He just cared about how much money he made and what assets he had. 35 years after that, now, the is the most passionate Dolphin rescuer. While I was watching the movie, the one thing that I analyzed about this man was the sadness of the years that he couldn't take back. And that will never go away. Once you develop a certain survival way through life and you get comfortable in it, you keep on going in spite of all the alerts that come to you. And years after that, when it becomes unbearable, you have no choice but to go back. It's the exact story of the airplanes that can't go back after crossing the middle of the ocean, because fuel isn't enough, you can only go forward. Now I should ask myself, and you of course, who would want to become that way?

Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.
Albert Einstein


Does Not Matter If You Are Not In The Zoo, You Can Still Be In A Cage

I went to the zoo several times.
I could imagine how the animals would look like, i went there to investigate how. Now, lions looked like birds and birds looked like depressed people whom were talking to themselves. Not that everyone who talk to themselves are depressed, but I saw that they developed a way to learn human behaviour. Whatever the creature is, we tend to develop certain behaviours from those whom we mostly spend time with. I guess one plus one equals to two rule doesn't count in philosophy. Weak nurtures from weak and strong nurtures from strong but not necessarily they add up together.
Behaviour can be very complicated, it is very important that we spend time with creatures that will add up to us, whom will make the best of "I". It doesn't matter what others do, judging them, telling yourself what they did or didn't do won't take you any further. Only doing what you do best will, wholeheartedly and most importantly with pleasure!


How Life Revolves Around

When you are too small and everyone is so big and interesting, it is understandable to be that much depending on your gods, (mom and dad) fine, but what happens when you are the parent?
You are God and you behave as curious as a baby towards your baby. It is never understandable for someone who doesn't have kids, and less understandable even for a father maybe, cause they don't carry them. Much pain, much pleasure for the mothers. What I'm curious about this time is the life's circle. Something you are real deeply interested in, feels the same way about you. That should be one of the universal laws. When you are meant to live something, you live it.
There is never something that you "should" do, all you have to be is natural.



It is understandable why life revolves around their parents when we think about enormity. Imagine that you are 70cm tall and all you do is eat and breathe and watch, mostly people around you. It is most possible that either your mother or your father has already been chosen God. You don't need a religion to pick, milk is blessed, you can whine all you want, nobody can be too mad at you because you are too adorable. And cartoons: they were a big part of my childhood life, I used to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning, and on the weekends! A toy can not be more focusing, it may have forced me to pick The Jetsons religion rather than my father.