" A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning."

I shot these and I thought: I have nothing to write here today. Let's search quotes on rain. Some of them were about rain being as needed as sun, sun shine in, whatever. I wrote about how I believed in contradictions, no need one more round. So I found this quote about poems. I never really understand poems, infact I never really understand a topic by its title, something is only meaningful only if I can relate it with its owner. Right, owner. You have to own your work to make it perfectly understood. And when someone makes it about being the 'artist' he lowers his value as a human. That's why I loved this quote very much. It's by James Dickey, a poet himself.



My Dog Had Surgery two weeks ago. When someone from my family or someone who is as close to me has surgery I try to stay close to them. I get very curious when sickness or death appears around me. Of course it is easy to mention right now because he is fine, but he is getting older. We are used to believing that death is the end of the road.When someone close o us dies we were made to believe that the healthier way to deal with it should be; crying, never to forget about them, never being happy again, even when someones says 'Be strong' they will judge you if you are happy with someone else after your wife's death. I remember when our doorman's wife died two years ago. She had leukemia and I had known her for sixteen years. When I heared that she had the disease, I felt that she was going to die. At her first months I kept a little bit distance from her, it was strange watching someone you know for a very long time get weaker. And again it wasn't as hard for me or as painful for me as it was to her family. But I tried to spend more time with her. She always said to me that there is a timing for everything, that I am young and I should have good time, when I get older I will have more responsibilities and everything should happen at the right time or else I won't be able to enjoy any of them. I very much believe that, I'm really taking her advice.The point is; I tried to be close to her because I wanted to know what was going around in her mind, how was she really feeling. I know that when something happens in our lives that seems so dark at the time, can be a healing to our souls, our brain resists to the experience most of the time, because it likes safety and stability. And unknown new horizons are never safe. They are either scary or exciting, painful to accept and knew to learn. I thank her for the experience.


Zoo Project / Hayvanat Bahçesi Projesi

What if there were cages filled with people instead of animals? They would watch and feed us, instead of us feeding and watching them? We would find out who is more "human". / Hayvanlar yerine insanlarla dolu kafesler olsaydı nasıl olurdu? Biz onları besleyip izleyeceğimize, onlar bizi besleyip izlerdi. Kimin daha "insan" olduğunu öğrenirdik.

"Kendimizi evrim geçirmiş maymunlar olarak görmek insanları gözlemlemede bize ilginç bir bakış açısı kazandırır. Toplum içinde safariye çıkabiliriz."
Alain De Botton


Addiction: habits which we choose without questioning. / Bağımlılık: sorgulamadan edindiğimiz alışkanlıklar.

"You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living
until the escape becomes the habit.”

mak alışkanlığın kendisi olana kadar yaşamaktan
mak için herşeyi yaparsız."
David Ryan


Animals Right To Live


I believe that a human being should live with consciousness. Rather then not eating meat at all our using products which use animal testing, I am against us living without knowing what we are doing, what we are harming and in which ways. We eat that meat but we don't know how animals have been killed. When we cut a little piece of our finger it hurts too much and it is very fragile but we have the right to kill another kind of being. And when someone tries to inform us about it we choose not to listen to it because its bothering us, we even do not have the toleration for this distress. But sometimes reality means we need to be bothered for our eyes to open.

Every human decides what to do, what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat with their sensibilities in life, I say just make your choices knowingly.


The Fountainhead Character Book

"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see." Ayn Rand
The Fountainhead presents the ideal world. The ideal world where man reach the highest limits of their capacities. With these ideal men, a real world has been created. Most people may consider this as an illusion because of the word “created”. But the biggest common mistake to see the reality as an illusion. It’s a mechanism of people who ignore the real world, who sees things like they are, and, not as they ought to be.
As Ayn Rand states; The man is a noble being. In this case we can talk about two kinds of men. A man that creates, and men who nurture from them.
The man who is creative is powerfull, lives for himself, seekes his own happiness, works hard and does it in the best way. He doesn’t get swept away by others. He is the man that fights till there’s no blood left in his vessels.
One of his hobies isn’t donating for charity but is to do the things that he actually enjoys and satisfies himself. In collectivist thoughts, all these things are the product of arrogance and selfishness. It is not considered for a man to live or think for himself when there in so much to do in this world we live in.
To live and think for yourself would not be a point of issue if every man had nurtured from their own fountain.
The second man, is the man that nurtures from others. Eighty percent of this world consists of them. They are the ones who are real greedy and selfish, in the meaning as used frequently in public. The defenders of collectivism, the killers of individual. They say that they dedicate their lives to humanity and helping people. What they actually do is imposing a combination of irrational words which seem very complex and completely make themselves look like they were intellectuals and supress the individual soul, the original thought. These people have their own sencond-handers. Without their second-handers they could never survive. The problem of the second-hander is that he is without his ego. The reason of giving their burden to someonelse’s shoulder is because it is always easier to give excuses like religion or society to be closed to other ideas in life rather than discovering their own capacities. They choose to be indolent, and get on with their lives.
The reason for me to visualize this book ‘The Fountainhead Character Book’ is not just simply to humiliate the second-handers and glorify the noble man, but it is also to make people realize their own capacities and power.
Ayn Rand states in the twentyfifth year anniversary edition; Many people ask me how I feel about the fact that The Fountainhead has been in print for twentyfive years. I cannot say that I feel something in particular, except a kind of quiet satisfaction. In this respect, my attitude toward my writing is best expressed by a statement of Victor Hugo: “If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away.” This book may have been first published in 1943 but it presents a whole new ideology if you consider that mankind exists for thousands of years.
I present my character book for those who are ought to be and for thoose who choose to live in the world that is ought to be.

Nathalie Barki