It is very significant to share knowledge that you have -which is not yours to begin with- because you never know what it will light up in someone else's mind!

 When you are a material person, you may not want to share the things that you have bought, things that you value. But if you are an intellectual, a scientist in mind, you may sometimes find yourself not wanting to share the knowledge or the discovery you have made. They all come from one source; possession. Being an intellectual does not mean that you have upgraded as a human being like a computer software does. It just means that you enjoy -hopefully you truly do- learning. I see the same thing in these two categories: Over-ambitiousness. 
As humans, we seem to think that we own things. We own our clothes, we own our partners, we own our thoughts and this planet. Thankfully nature has been showing us signs that we don't; global warming, meteors, drained resources, chickens that are fed with growth hormones concurrently giving us diseases...
We are a part of the whole. Our thoughts are not our own because we are a part of the collective consciousness that is linked together. Whatever you are thinking, someone else is also thinking the same things because you are able to think what you think and see what you see. You are able to see some things with experience because you have trained yourself to see what was already there; you have opened your eyes so the information is flowing into you. 
So who knows, when you share, maybe you open another blind curtain.