Does loneliness scare you?

One’s loneliness cannot be experienced as any other feeling cannot be experienced by others. But, loneliness is very special in itself, because not many people are strong enough to go through the whole process since the road is very long to go by yourself, there are no guarantees. People are afraid of something that is connected to them from the core. It is only funny that we are born that way.

One of my teachers once told me, the first question a baby asks to himself is: “Am I safe in this world?” So the main attachment to this world comes from the feeling of safety and it is determined through other people.

Well, we grow up and we do it rather painfully. Minor events in one’s life are the punches of life to make you stronger, to make you a better version, to make you more human, more feminine, more masculine, makes you whatever you have decided to be when you chose the red pill.

Being yourself is the most painful thing one can go through and that is why loneliness is almost impossible to be understood by others. It seems like you are the cause of your own pain, it looks like that from afar. You pay the highest prices for this and it makes you MORE…

Now admit to yourself, are you scared?

The difference between life beating you up and you beating yourself is that when life beats you, it is for you to be perfect, it is a support, you can either choose to be pushed by it or lie down on the floor and take the punches; when you beat yourself up you simply feel smaller. You know the difference!

“This is your life and it is ending one minute at a time. If this is your fight, you have to fight.” ~ Fight Club