Beyond What is Going On

I've been thinking... Since the beginning of the Gezi Park events, there is a huge energy explosion and I think that this time we are able to see the flotations.

I have always wondered why there weren't more "awake" people around, why more people aren't more curious of what is going on around the world, inside their worlds, within the universe, outside the universe, why people did not care about seeing beyond the visible without loosing the connection with the visible. The answer I got was: "People are in different states of their own evolution." However, this answer did not suffice and the question probed my mind every now and then.

Yesterday I read a book that completed this thought. I concluded that every state of being completes each other because they are all linked together. Right now there is a pyramid of states of existence and if there wasn't a "solid ground" for our being, we would have collapsed. We need every state and we need it together. The broken part is that we think that we are separate. If you hold one hand and build a bridge, no one will think of you as the enemy.