To every strong living creature who sometimes has doubts about themselves, about their thoughts, intuition, capabilities, their own spirits. The original spirit always had hard time finding a place not in this world but in this society (perfectly knows where it fits in nature or naturally), because he always knew he did not belong there. He did not belong to where he was put, he belonged to where he wanted to be; where he wants to go.
In tough times, that's when he starts to have doubts about himself and that's exactly the time to be reborn, not the time for having second thoughts.
Imagine when you were first having such pain, before realization, you didn't know where your intuition would take you. If you knew, you wouldn't resist that much, you would let life make you stronger with all the unbearable pain and loneliness, to help you see that you aren't actually lonely. Life wants to take you somewhere, go with it. There is no such thing as unhappiness or sorrow, it only occurs when you are detached from your spirit. So when you think you aren't walking with it, go back and own it, it's yours!
Just as you think you have forgotten it, you might have actually internalized it.

Medulla: Latin word for marrow, meaning the core. Used in medical language for many parts in organs. In brain; controls respiration, important for maintaining an open airway and controlling heart rate is located there.

The emptiness inside us needs knowledge, doesn't it?
When we know that, to learn Love, takes knowledge too.

Upcoming: "The Second Brain".


Should it be enough?

Love, Work or Your Choice of Whatever

I've been thinking how existence fulfills our needs and how it doesn't fulfill certain expectations.
My boss told the motto of his working yesterday: "Never get satisfied, don't settle for anything less than you would like, always ask for more." That is exactly what I love about myself and it is the reason why I particularly wanted to work with him, from the beginning.
Wanting for more isn't always greed, some people actually like progress and challenge. I always write about challenge but how good am I really? This is another question I ask myself everyday. How well did I do for myself today, did I run from any responsibility or was it a day of real hard work, both mentally, physically and emotionally. If the answer is yes than I'm very satisfied for the day. Now, should that one day be enough for certain amount of time? No! Because every step you don't take forward, is a step you take backwards.
About the certain expectations; they are only fulfilled only if you fulfill your own needs, your priorities.

This is a part of a parsley, can you believe it?
I found it on a Sunday breakfast while casually tearing it.