Do you feel you belong?

Do you know who you are?
Did you ask yourself this question ten years ago?
Do you remember your answers?
I do. I also remember promising myself to not go through experiences that I feel I don't belong.
But where do I belong?
Nowhere maybe. Not a place. Maybe there are some phenomena that I belong to, people that understand me, see me, MY SOUL...

Is it important what one looks like?
Did you ever think how it is for a person to know how she is perceived by you, without you truly knowing her? Is it painful?
Maybe it is a relief. It sets her free.
This way she can experience anything that she wants, knowing the truth of every experience that she goes through, and she would not limit my herself with the boundaries of others' and experience her being freely within her own boundaries, her way.

You cannot feel like yourself where you don't belong. You feel your true self where you belong, do you know where that is?