Is your survival index costing you your freedom?

Some of the concepts in life seems very easy to understand. Take 'wanting' into account, it takes thought and action. If you already want something, you are motivated to do it anyway.

Most of the times, except the major changes in your life, that motivation to do the wildest things you want to do in life declines because daily life requires you to do mundane things just to survive. -If you think about it, you need money, to eat, have a shelter, cover yourself with clothes, furniture, travel, and the list goes on. Basic needs can depend on your socioeconomic status- So survival does not mean just breathing, eating, having sex anymore because we adapted our lives with different cultures all over the world. And this survival is everything but basic needs now.

I return back to the concept of wanting. How have you adapted your life to repress your most inner cravings in order to survive in your daily life? Maybe you have hidden yourself because you fear experiencing something bitter? Cause simply, not many people escape happiness and joy.

Are you really sure that all you want is to survive?