Being Naked in the Eye of the Observer

If your perception towards the same person changes over time, what do you consider as real, where is your anchor point based?
-In this writing, I consider real as a stable view of the same entity over time. I know that it is impossible but bear with me for a second!-

Do you consider yourself to be one of those people that makes "correct" observations -judgements- of the people around you? Then how do you come to one specific conclusion, considering that your judgement changes over time, because your perception over time, even the things that you consider as solid aspects of your self such as your senses -probably the most unreliable aspects by the way- perceive differently at different times?

I have always have had a gut feeling that, when I meet someone, or see them for the first time or even hear about them for the first time, I have an instant rush of activity - if it is a rush, it has to occur in the brain and the feeling is like an hormonal -neuroendocrinal- change in my system- Possibly, I am not the only person experiencing this high pitch that later turns into stream of words. I also believe that this rush always tells me about the real aspects of the person that I have observed.

There are also instances where I am proven wrong! And I say to myself: "Now how is this possible, I am never wrong!" -Notice the exclamation point, no questions asked-

The reason for my deflected thought is that, obviously I was deprived of certain experiences and I have tuned my perception to what I want to see rather than what there actually is. -A bias or possibly expectation priming?-

What is my cure?

Well, the meaning of existence for me is what I become after processing the information I get whether it is knowledge based or experience based -Every breath you take changes you, let alone what you experience or learn-

Now, if you think that you can fool someone after the physiological response that you have created in their system, you are mistaken! Because you are naked in the eye of the observer.

Of course one might ask: Are we merely making attributions?
In that case, is anything real?