If it is overused, why do we keep repeating it?
Why do we cover it with a new image and renew, rename it, that way the idea is the same but the image is not. This is worse, at least a cliche claims to be honest. When we learn to use anything in the best way, it does not matter what it is, it's perfection. Sometimes even cliches can be things we need to open our minds to. There could be a day, probably too soon, that everything is said and done but the originality is in the way we do it. We keep repeating the same mistakes until we learn them. Does it matter that you learned before me or that I have learned before you, or faster, or slower? Each one of us have our own pace and if that includes being cliche so be it. Perfection surrounds whatever is already happening in life. We all crave for it and we need to fight for it.

How far would you have to go to get to the exact center of the Earth?

It is approximately 6371km to the Inner core (center of the Earth). For those who are not metrically inclined, that is about 3959 miles to the center.

Your pace.