Human, are we?

According to astrophysicists, we are a type zero civilization because we base our living on consuming the planet we live in. We are not in control of our natural habitats; earthquakes, weather, hurricanes, meteors... But nanotechnology is developing so fast and progressively that I am quite persuaded by the idea of humans being in control of these things in a couple of decades. Think about it; scientists are developing a bacteria that is so tiny that will enter your body through your blood vessels. It's purpose is to deliver drugs to the specific part of the body in need via magnetically moving the bacteria by a computer. It seems like we live in a sci-fi movie. Everything is happening so fast, or maybe it does not. Maybe I am so amazed by this finding because I am able to understand basically how it works or what it does.

The problems of the society and the abuse of capitalism is always being talked about. The upper class is always being blamed because money means power and, well, they have it. But they are also the people who enable scientists to go beyond nature and secure research. I know that you instantly think about the power being used for politic purposes or power struggles or mind control but don't take this as a naive proposal. What society actually needs is knowledge of the scientific evolution because with knowledge, comes awareness. And it is your job to simplify and explain what is actually happening. Our children will need it, the society needs it and your neighbor needs it. If they don't take it, then shove it in. If a man-made micro bacteria will make its way though our bodies, we should know it.
Don't blame the system, make your way!