Hormones versus Intelligence

As we all know, eating and mating are two of our primary needs. Dopamine is secreted in the brain that acts as a reward when we eat and mate, it is a neurotransmitter that exists in our brains and guts.
Rather than eating and mating, is there anything else that gives us dopamine?

It is a known fact that, for an organism to survive, it needs to reproduce and instinctively we know that we need our genes to survive and that is why we eat and have sex. So far, this is a known basic idea but all animals do these things, what makes us different? It seems to me that evolution has come to a level that made this a built in intelligent mechanism. (Even thought I am not certain about the intelligence factor.) If we constantly take care of our basic needs, how are we going to evolve in our minds? I take into consideration that our brains are very much capable of multitasking. But, if there is a constant fight inside our skulls, is there ever winning?