Can we re-design ourselves? Can we build a new life, re-gain our intelligence to the needs of our soul? But what is the soul, how can you describe it? If we only had our logic but no feelings surely our experience would widen but it also would make us a machine. Would you feel "happy", "disgusted", "miserable", "content"? The problem is, even though we have these emotions, we are still ruled as a machine if we don't know how to use the base of our intelligence. According to the Multiple Intelligences Theory we have seven different types of intelligences: Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic, Spatial, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences. The main idea is that every human has combinations of different types, some of them being fairly dominant but if one does not have Interpersonal Intelligence, no matter how profound talents they may have, they are eventually ruled.  

Why don't people have it?
Does your life get easier?
Do you like not knowing?
No curiosity, no critical thinking?

If you let the "flow" take you wherever, you may as well go with it.