Some many artists claim that they channel their pain through their songs, books, writings and create a positive outcome with it. You can find yourself in their creations, say to yourself that they interpret your emotions. This sharing can also bring relief. The relief for both the artist that he/she is being understood and the listener, reader that someone else is sharing their emotions.

There are also other people who enjoy the misery and carry pain inside. That's a choice and who am I to judge.

As much as I appreciate the state of being (interaction between the artists and their listener/reader), I am more curious about what happens to other people when they cannot channel their pain this way.

It is claimed by many scientists that human animals are inherently social. Everything that I wrote here supports the hypothesis. And I think that if you have read the writing until this part, you agree with me because somehow you can relate to it.

Have you ever thought of the pain of an autistic kid that went unrecognised? He is going through life trying to form social bonds without having no clues as to how others feel and think. Now who is to say that each and every one of us do not have such a pain buried inside but afraid to share.

It is called vulnerability.