Pain versus Hunger

I get it now.

All those times that I felt pain were the most precious gifts of life. 
Think about it, what does pain do to you? Imagine it as a physical reality. When you are wounded, you start looking for help and try to find something to cure the wound.

What do you do when you are hungry? How do you pleasure yourself with food when you are reasonably hungry -as if you know that you have the money for dinner when you are eating lunch-?

Now try to look at it from an emotional perspective. Pain makes you search for deeper questions about yourself and about existence, if you are clever enough and if you have not been abused and manipulated by the mass media productions which mainly say that romantic love is all that you can get, you will find an endless love in the end but somehow you will not be together and cry that you both love each other but cannot be together because of socio-economical or  class related or I don't know-whatever-bullshit-was-presented related topics. But, that is possible for the questioning mind to understand that that is not how it goes in the real world!!! And here, I don't mean to say that we believe in hollywood endings, I say that we believe in romanticised sad love stories where in the end the antagonist is left hungry for love. Oh I just want to slap you on the face. 

What I mean to say is that, when you are in pain, you have more time to be with yourself and understand what is going on inside you; versus when you are hungry, you have more time, actually you spend more time, to be with the other and try to get something out from a source that does not belong to you. In other words you are paving a way that does not have a root in you.

Pain brings you back to life versus hunger brings you to places that you would never actually go. I prefer pain cause I prefer waking up -every time- from the illusive world that we live in.