Our Second Brains

Seven Billion Live On This Planet Yet We Are Still Capable Of Felling Lonely

What we all ,thinkers, philosophers, curious investors of a deeper understanding of life, always talk about, scientists prove for us. Philosophy needs knowledge, and the other way around.
Familiar to some of us, but could not name it just more than ten years earlier: our second brain. It is located in the abdomen region and covered with hundred million nerve cells. It carries through ninety percent of the nerve cells from the gut to the brain and believed to the contrary, it is the main control area. An average persons digestive system carries thirty tons of food and fifty thousand liters of liquid. This multitude of neurons in the enteric nervous system enables us to feel the inner world of our gut. It's the most intense and sensitive organ in our bodies. Babies eat, drink and digest and it is the first connection they make with the outer world.

Babies have the right to burb but what about us? Why do we eat and drink so much that we can not digest? Evidently our bodies need more free space to create energy to help process the feeling part to send the signals and let it decide, but we decide without letting ourselves feel because we fill it instead. We are in complete accordance with ourselves if we let life rule and remind you that nothing is to be scared of, only to wake you up and shake you.

From the gut comes the strut, and where hunger reigns, strength abstains.
Francois Rebelais