Make God Of Yourself


Amore which means Love comes from the latin word, a-mors which means deathless.
Where there is love, there can be no fear, no death.
Why don't they teach us why and where we came from in schools?
They don't want open minds. Instead, we learn to be blinded, shut our minds down and be scared to death of anything that might happen. Or be numb and drugged. We don't really "know" but we do everything out of fear, subconsciously. Fear of that one day we will die and we won't get to do everything that we "want" to do and thus we rush into everything even if we don't want to, even consciously. Did you ever think that you don't have to be so clever to work and earn money because it is why this system is build for?

What would you do if today was your last day on earth?
What would you do today if you knew you'd live forever?


Do you have an alternative?

The woman asks to the man who seems to look frozen: 'Why are you here for?'
He answers with a Russian accent: 'I am here to work.'
W: 'How many hours do you work in a day?'
M: '24 hours.'
W: 'You work 24 hours a day! Have you even been hypnotized?'
M: 'I am here to work.'

Do you want to be so aware that it might give you ultimate pain and pleasure at the same 'time'?


How High Are the Stakes?

It's nothing you're going through.

Annoying to hear it. Someone who is more experienced or someone who does not take
experiences seriously tells you this while you're going through hard times.
But what is the meaning of life if you divide it into two parts, hard and easy?
You can separate things relatively but what matters is how it makes you feel at that moment.
Be patient, live your own way!