Your 'Meant to Be'

You think that you have been late to do whatever you wanted to do with your life.

If you went to law school earlier in your life, you would have been a great attorney by now, you have all the right qualifications to be so: a great decision-maker and a fast one, a person with guts and a great memory.

If you only had started to study science at the right time of your life you would have gone to medical school. By now, you could have been a neurologist, and a very good one.

Probably you would be all the things you thought you'd be and also a perfect fit. 

Yes, people did not warn you at the right moment to become all those things, and you now think that it is too late to go back and start all over.

Maybe it is. (There is also the possibility that it is not too late, possibilities are only blocked in your mind, reality is only created by your challenges.)

But, there is something that you are meant to be and all of those 'wrong things' that made you be where you are today will make you an even better innovator in life.

If you had became a neurologist you could have made the right diagnostics and helped people to become healthy again, ease them out of pain. 

You would also fit in so well that you would not have the opportunity to become who you are.

Former generation professions are going to be extinguished from history very soon. (It is still relevant to be a great lawyer, but not by itself; neurologists are needed very much but can I make my point clear?)

Be an innovator of your life so that you can become one for others.

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